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Keep Your Workplace Clean and Healthy with Office and Home Cleaning of Edinburgh

Think you can't afford quality professional cleaning services for your business? Think again!

FACT: Handling your company's cleaning needs in-house will cost MORE over time than contracting with us. That may seem a little hard to believe, but it is very true.

Outsourced Cleaning Solutions: A Cost-Effective Approach for Your Business With an economy that is chipping away at everyone's bottom line, most businesses - especially smaller, private concerns - are looking for every conceivable way to keep more money in the coffers. The problem is that sometimes business owners cut corners in areas that are vital to their productivity. Cleaning is one of those areas.


Cleaning services do not make money for your company, or at least that is the general consensus. It stands to reason, then, that you might consider professional cleaning a waste of money when it can be taken care of from within.

The real issue, however, lies in the amount of productive time that is being wasted dealing with cleaning responsibilities in-house. When your employees are not engaged in revenue-generating activities, your company isn't making money. In short, you are paying for cleaning services whether you are cutting a cheque for them or not.

Just because the expense is out of sight and out of mind, that does not mean it ceases to exist. How much money are you wasting taking employees away from things that generate revenue? It is well worth the thought.

Health and Well-Being

If you aren't using the most up-to-date commercial cleaning equipment and if you are not cleaning according to any proscribed health or safety standard, your work environment simply isn't as clean as it could be.

Ask Yourself:

  • Do you notice higher than average absenteeism due to illness in your workplace?
  • Do your employees complain of allergies?
  • Do you field complaints about the state or smell of specific parts of your facility like break rooms, kitchens and washrooms?


For the most part, your staff are just not trained or equipped with the supplies necessary to treat or eliminate stains or achieve a level of cleanliness that is conducive to good health, attendance and job performance. Remember: a clean work environment is a productive one.

The Solution:
Outsourcing your cleaning needs to Office and Home Cleaning of Edinburgh is a much more cost-effective solution than you might have considered until now. Every minute that is not spent 100% focused on your business is losing you money.


Chances are good that your business is not insured against damage to workplace assets or injury to personnel for tasks performed outside one's normal everyday job. This has the potential to create disruptive or even crippling expenses for your company should anything unforeseen happen. When you trust us to handle your cleaning needs, you enjoy that protection and much more.

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